Have sensory experiences with essences


and native elements of the Amazonian Forest


The Amazonian Spa is a perfect getaway for those who want to relax without leaving Sao Paulo.


Being in the business capital, it is possible to restore energies and still with a differential, under a concept of relaxation based on products, aromas and colors of the Amazon.


01. Swedish BRAZIL
Swedish massage, extremely relaxing, with stroking, kneading, tapotement, and friction movements with Chestnut of Brazil cream of Granado.
02. Abhyanga Amamelis Care
Indian massage using Amamelis oils of Granado. Extremely relaxing.
03. Deep Tissue
Deep tissue massage that focuses on realigning the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially useful for chronic pains and areas of contracture such as neck stiffness, upper back, lower back pain, muscle stiffness in the leg, and shoulders. That attenuates muscle decompression and works on the recovery of muscles after physical strain.
04. Anmá Brazilian Care
Ancient muscle friction and pressure massage, it activates blood, lymphatic and skin circulation and relieves tensions.
05. Jet Lag Massage
Recovery after long trips with time zone changes. It recovers sleep, attention, and mood. Made with the gel for tired legs and feet of Granado.
06. Tui-ná Zen Pequi
Uing warm oils for deep, Acts on the Energy Channels, massaging affected parts of the body to relieve pain, treating various forms of energy imbalances, providing relaxation, well-being and tranquility.
07. Four hands massage
Indian massage synchronized with 2 therapists.
08. Ayurvedic (made in Indian Bed )
From the millennial science of Ayurveda, with herbal oils, it stimulates circulation, eliminates toxins, revitalizes and balances doshas (energies).
09. Amazonian ENERGY
Relaxing massage, made in 80 minutes, with Chestnut of Brazil cream of Granado. Includes reflexology and facial massage, with cold stones.
10. Amazonian RENEW
IBody scrub followed by a relaxing massage with Granato Moisturizing, compound with Murumuru and Cupuaçu butters, Brazil nut oil and Vitamin E.
11. Lymphatic Drainage
It drains excess fluids from interstitial spaces, balances tissue and hydrostatic pressures.
12. Shiatsu
Vigorous therapeutic massage that provides energetic balance, relieving tension and stress.
13. Hot Stones
Thermotherapy with warm stones, it alternates sedative and energizing physiological responses. Relaxing, meditative.
14. Bamboo Massagem
Vigorous kneading and rubbing using bamboos for body modeling. It improves oxygenation, nutrition and vasodilation.
15. Modeling
Classical relaxing massage made in 30 minutes.
16. Exfoliation with hydration
All body mechanical peeling, with clay and microspheres, and hydration for a smooth and clean skin.
17. Quick Massage
Classical relaxing massage made in 15 minutes, on the chair of quick massage.


The Amazonian Spa offers a range of services ranging from skin cleansing to acne sufferers to chemical peels that lighten blemishes and lessen wrinkles.


Taking care of yourself in such an unusual and welcoming environment, makes your experience unique.


Discover the treatments available:

Manthus • Lipocavitação  • Skin cleansing with extraction • Face exfoliation with hydration • Facial Mask • Amazonian Lifting


Because the Amazonian Spa uses and values ​​Brazilian natural resources


Because it encourages the spread of the Amazon rainforest, with the best in it and for international clients


Being located in a prime location and count on the infrastructure offered by the Hilton São Paulo Morumbi Hotel


By having a specialized and personalized service with bilingual professionals


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